Canine Chaos

Genre: Card Game

A zany card game where players build as big of a dog pack as they can. This game employs the use of treats, tricks, toys, and other fun cards that help you train our dog and distract other players. First one to eight dogs wins!

  • Alpha 100%
  • Beta 70%
  • Production 25%

Evo-C (Evolutionary Creatures)


Genre: Table-Top

a mixture of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which is catered to bring players’ wildest imaginations to life. The play style of the game consists of part acting, part social interaction, part survival, and part dice rolling. Players play the game with creatures that are fully customized by them. As they play the game, their creatures will evolve and grow stronger the longer they survive.

  • Alpha 75%
  • Beta 10%
  • Production 5%

Sucks To Be Human


Genre: Board Game

An epic turf war between four factions – Zombie, Demon, Werewolf, and Vampire. Turn as many humans as you can before time runs out and battle to see who rules the city!

  • Alpha 0%
  • Beta 0%
  • Production 0%